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    tiff read directory warning


      We are running CS5 on 2 different systems (home/work)...the work system has an aja kona card and the home system does not. We've been using portable esata drives for projects, making it very easy to move back and forth between systems. This has worked great except for an issue with the work system recognizing some still image media files, specifically tiff files. Projects containing tiff files that work just fine on the home system (no kona card) or contains tiff files edited on the home system or even in some cases tiff files that are simply brought in from another source will usually result in the following error messages:


      premiere error1.jpg


      premiere error2.jpg


      premiere error3.jpg

      I suspect it has something to do with the kona card, but am not sure what. and it doesn't seem to matter where the files originate from...either from an outside source or edited in photoshop on one of the 2 systems. certainly we can work around the issue by simply saving the files in another format, but i would like to avoid that extra step if possible.