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    Elements 8 project custom presets


      I read a post about how to edit presets outside of the software. After copying an HD "sqpreset" file to my desktop I opened it in Win Notepad. The video frames size line was easy but the frame rate value does not relate to any standard speed. My target is 15fps. I regularly need to take webcast video in .wmv format and edit the content.










      This is a part of the file. I changed to my native 400x224 pixel size. <VideoFrameSize>0,0,400,224</VideoFrameSize> After renaming, saving to the "Sequence Presets" folder the preset could be selected when opening a new project. Problem is the frame rate, Premiere plays a 15fps video in a 30fps enviroment. Not terrible but it doubles the size of the file, not what I want.


      So here's the question, anyone know what value I can use in <VideoFrameRate>8475667200</VideoFrameRate> to acheive 15fps.

      Originally I used an SD preset and the 0.9 video pixel squished my image. I used an HD preset to get a square pixel and my 16:9 video fills the frame correctly.

      Not sure how this preset works with the compression scheme of the incoming video file, that may become apparent once the frame speed is matched.

      Ideally the incoming and outgoing will be identical sans edits.

      I want to avoid commpression on compression which is why I'm trying to figure out a way to edit in the native format.