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    When the user submit the form...


      Once the user has completed the form and clicks the "Submit" button. Is there a way I can receive this information in the format of a "form" instead of the "View Responses" and "Summary Report" format? I would like to get the unlimited plus subscription but if I am unable to view all the info as a form it will not serve my purpose.


      Thanks anyone, everyone


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          RandySwineford Adobe Employee

          Check out this FAQ I wrote up:



          There is no way to automatically send a PDF, you have to manually download it.


          Also, the PDF is in a "detail view" layout not the original form layout.



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            darkanlovelee Level 1

            Thanks so much Randy. It's unfortunate that even though Adobe has such fantastic products that no one thought to allow a customer the ability to view/print/save a form in it's orginal format. I see this is a feature which is coming in the future. Thanks again

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              Susan Bois

              I am in the same boat.  It seems crazy to me that I can't get a copy of the form as they have filled it out.  If I go with the Adobe XI product I assume you get the form as it is filled out, it just does not have a submit button?

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                Genevieve Laroche Adobe Employee

                The submission works the same if you use FormsCentral for Acrobat desktop application (which comes with Acrobat Pro XI) or if you use the web version of FormsCentral. FormsCentral doesn't current auto generete the PDF Response file. You need to manually do so in the View Responses Tab after you receive the data.


                With Acrobat XI you can generate a PDF Form which doesn't have a FormsCentral submit button. You can add you own button from Acrobat which can send the filled out PDF via email directly to you. FormsCentral wouldn't be managing the data in that scenario.



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                  Susan Bois Level 1

                  Thank you.  I think I would be better off buying Acrobat XI for my







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