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    Can't run ASDOC on windows

    sneakyimp Level 2
      I have written an Actionscript 3 project and am trying to use the asdoc utility in the Flex SDK 3.0. I created a batch file to invoke asdoc on my windows machine:

      rem this should run asdoc on the myProject source
      cd "c:\download\adobe\Flex SDK 3.0\bin"
      asdoc.exe -source-path "c:\biz\myProject\public\src\myProject_0.2.3\client" -doc-sources "c:\biz\myProject\public\src\myProject_0.2.3\client"

      I am getting this error:
      asdoc.exe - Unable to Locate Component
      This application has failed to start because MSVC471.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem

      What the heck? Can someone help me figure this out?