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    Tour de Mobile Flex (or any StageWebView) doesnt show HTML response on 1st screen?


      I rebuilt the code (Flex-4.5.1 SDK), unchanged, and deployed it to Samsumg Nexus/Galaxy S


      When it starts there is a blank screen. background the app and restart and it works.

      - I am seeing the identical problem with my own app, also using StageWebView


      With my own application i rebuilt it and deployed to Android emulator - IDENTICAL PROBLEM


      Additional Note: tombstone (not exit) the application and restart it and the StageWebView shows+updates correctly


      Additional Note: use appManager to FORCE-STOP app and then relaunch, back to original load problem


      Bad Workaround: if i put a "reload" button into the app which forces a recreation of the HomeView, it displays correctly.



      I found a different sample that worked.  when i investigated, i noticed it wqas a basic application, no VIEWS

      - so i created a diferent project with basic application, moved my homeview there (slight tweaks) and it works.



      - putting a StageWebView in a view and loading in a URL on startup files unless you tombstone and restart the application

      - but essentially same code in a basic app (no views) works just fine.