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    Colors appear different on some pages when saving to pdf



      I am having a problem which I've never encountered before with InDesign, and have been struggling with it for a couple hours now. 


      I have a document with 11 pages that contain color images, scanned sketches edited in photoshop, and text.  Each page also has a RGB green rectangle on it.  (the transparency blend space is in RGB mode)  When I save the document as Jpg images, the colors are fine.  However, when I export as a pdf, four of the eleven pages have a green rectangle that is much darker than all the rest.  I have gone through each page to make sure the colors are exactly the same, and even copied and pasted a rectangle from the first page onto each of the other pages.  When looking at the InDesign file in RGB mode, you cannot tell there is a difference.  When I switch to CMYK mode, the file is similar to the pdf, with some rectangles darker than the rest. 


      I have tried to start a new document and paste the content from each page into it. What I noticed is that when I paste some of the images, it changes the color of the rectangle when in CMYK mode.  (Isit possible that pasting the image onto the page can change the color profile of the whole page??)   Either way, I want to save the document in RGB, and in that mode everything looks fine in InDesign until I export to pdf. 


      Any help will be greatly appreciated, since I have no more ideas on how to fix this!