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    AS2 ComboBox Hangs Dir when Scaled +200%

    Jim Wiley Level 1

      Hi All,

      I have used the AS2 ComboBox component in a AS2 nav screen SWF for Flash Player set in the range of 7 (and tested up to 9).

      The combobox does not have scrolled selections at this time. I am scaling the whole nav screen from a 668x500 up to over double it's size. It starts showing up as an issue at about 200% of size and get worse as it gets larger all the way to full screen.


      The SWF has the pre-made behaviors - 'Flash Cursor' and 'Set Click Modes'.

      Observationally, I see that the focus on the selection is slow. Both of my selections have the focus glow. I notice that the mouse cursor does not change over the dropdown buttons on the combobox.

      When I do select the item, the player checks out. It appears that most times it eventually comes back and finishes the action - a simple goto frame action.

      I was hoping to use the ComboBox component for my non-programming users with this project template I am creating. I don't really want to create a custom, editable component if I can avoid it.

      This template is a temporary solution until I build a new template in AS3.