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    Need help with Tab through document


      I'm a new user of Acrobat X Pro and recently did some work trying to create 508-compliant pdfs.  I had never done it before, so it was a learning process. 


      I have a question about what I think the client is calling "Tabbing".  How can I set the document up to move though the text if the "Tab Key" is pressed?  Currently it jumps all over the document if pressed.


      A second unrelated question is that this document contained several pages of text that was very loosly a "table".  I used the Reading Order Tool to block out the text fields in a logical order, which seemed to me better than making it a table.  Since these tables were not grid centric, does it really matter that I didn't mark them as a table?  When the program added the tags to the document it made some of them tables and some of them text...   


      Thanks to anyone that can help!