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    Premiere CS5 5.03 Crashes when I try and move a numbered marker.

    McHughs Level 1

      I have a large project that I want to use the multi-camera feature with. All totaled I have three video sources. Using the numbered markers to align the various segments based on clapboard sound, I go double click on the video segment as I've placed it in the time line. This opens the source monitor. I navigate to the beginning of the video use the Jump to next marker in the monitor and then jog the video forward a frame or two to expose the numbered marker (PS Why doesn't it center it in the Source Marker and not place it in the right hand side of my screen .... GERRRR). I try and drag the numbered marker and it doesn't want to move. I try and move it a little more and CRASH... GERRRRR.... Now after working on this for the last hour I haven't been able to drag the marker reliably.

      Well thanks to some debugging skills I find a work around. Thank goodness.... If I go to the Project Window and open the video clip from there, into the very same source monitor (Actually I closed the Source Monitor and then let the double click open it ) Now I can reliably move the marker!!!!


      Why, oh why me!!!


      Is this a known issue?