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    CS5 file will not open directly

    rcraighead Adobe Community Professional & MVP

      My CS5 .INDD (7.0.4) file no longer opens directly from the Finder or within INDD. When opening, the beachball begins spining and "Force Quit" indicates INDD "Is not responsive". After force quiting and re-opening INDD, the file opens as an unsaved file. I've tried coping and pasting the one-page document, into a new file, but the same thing happens.


      This all began when I attempted to create a "Package" of the document, using "File>Package". The package process would never complete and I was forced to force quit the program. The Package folder appeared to have all the files/fonts, but the resulting INDD file would not open, nor would the original INDD file. Although both will open as "recovered" files when INDD is re-booted.


      How can I repair my file?