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    HLS Playback in OSMF

    nick.doyle Level 1

      We want to play back HLS in OSMF, and are looking for an experienced OSMF developer to do this.


      Matthew Kaufman has already written most of the code for this:


      However, it needs to be ported to the latest version of OSMF, and probably some fixes.

      The obvious reference point is Adobe's implementation of HDS in the OSMF source, and there are many similarities between the two implementations.


      My initial investigations involved doing the basics, have got it to compile but not correctly function.

      Examples of things which need to be done:

      • Abstract some classes e.g. create HTTPStreamingIndexInfo.as and HTTPStreamingM3U8Factory.as
      • Changes to event handling in HTTPStreamingM3U8IndexHandler.as
      • Implement createHTTPStreamingFactory() in HTTPStreamingM3U8NetLoader.as


      I'd welcome quotes on the work.

      Please reply in the thread, or via email ndoyle [at] regencymedia.com.au