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    how to crea

    Venkatesan Balasubramanian

      hi friends,

      anyone please answer this question.





      i am using flex 4 mxml web application, i want to create a pie chart using array or array collection, i search in the web for this but all examples i have

      seen hot coded data in array collection and directly they pass the arraycollection as a dataprovider in to advance datagrid and creat a pie chart.


      i dont want this. in my problem i am using back end as quick base as a back end,i am failed to pass the values in a array collection directly.

      so here i am getting my details in array..this shows my stored values,now i want to create a pie chart in a advance datagrid.

      http://livedocs.adobe.com/flex/3/html/help.html?content=advdatagrid_10 .html in this link they show a example

      in advance data grid in a tree format.


      can any one  tel how to pass array into a array collection with childrens. i given my code here please tel and check





      In the name column i want Expense Date.

      in the total column i want totalexpense amount(5000rs);

      in categories(i want to show some expense categories like food,entertainment,travel,tax..etc)

      please check my code and tel how to resolve.


      This is my code:



      public function initData():void {




                      var length:int = model.ExpenseRecordlist.length;

          ExpenseArray = new Array();

                      var idx:uint;

                      for (idx=0; idx<length; idx++) {

                          var obj:Object = {};


                          obj["Date"] = model.advCommRecordsList.getItemAt(idx).DATE;

                          obj["TotalExpense"] = model.advCommRecordsList.getItemAt(idx).EXPENSE;

                          obj["category"] = model.advCommRecordsList.getItemAt(idx).CATEGORY;






                  Expensedatagrid.dataProvider = advCommArray;





      looking for useful suggessiion or snippet code,i am posting this in a high priority