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    Video is jerky when played on mobile/tablet

    BaligaN Level 1

      Hi All,


        I have developed a small application that uses OSMF 1.6 and Adobe AIR 3.1 (Flex 4.6 Beta) using DefaultMediaFactory, I try to play a video in a view. The Video is H.264 and uses FLV container (tried with MP4 container as well). When the AIR app is run on desktop the video play out is very smooth but the same application when runs on an Android mobile or tablet plays the video choppy... However the same video with a native video player plays out just fine on the same mobile / tablet...


      Am I doing something wrong? Can anyone help me please?




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          TheRossman Level 1

          Hmmm, few details needed to get to the bottom of this:


          1. What h264 profile and level was the video encoded in (Main, Baseline, High, etc)?
          2. What is the mobile device you are testing it on?
          3. What bitrate and resolution is the video encoded at?


          All of those things will have a bearing on how well the video is decoded and displayed.

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            BaligaN Level 1

            Solved this problem! If an H.264 file is packaged with the AIR application (in the assets folder) then the response to load and play is very slow! Is this because the assets folder is not extracted when the application is installed?


            Same video when copied on to /mnt/flash/DCIM/ folder loads and plays out just fine, so looks like packaging a video in the assets folder is a complegtely no-no