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    "AS docs" not working when hover over


      I have problem, I just installed a fresh copy of Flash builder 4.5, the problem is when I hover over any method or when I do auto complete I don't get "AS docs" or whatever they are called.

      For example I hover over <s:Button />, all I get is:



      but I should get like

      The Button component is a commonly used rectangular button. The Button component looks like it can be pressed. The default skin has a text label. Define a custom skin class to add an image to the control.

      Buttons typically use event listeners to perform an action when the user selects the control. When a user clicks the mouse on a Button control, and the Button control is enabled, it dispatches a click event and a buttonDown event. A button always dispatches events such as the mouseMove, mouseOver, mouseOut, rollOver, rollOut, mouseDown, and mouseUp events whether enabled or disabled. .............. etc. etc.


      How do I enable those "AS docs" or whatever they are called?


      Please help, it's very hard to work when you try to auto-complete and you don't know what that attribute or method does.