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    Clip rendered black!


      I worked tonight on editing a video of a super 8 film I put on DV. The first few renders of all the clips did fine, but one section rendered solid black in playback! What happened? I had deleted the clips audio track (since it was just projector noise) and had added an .mp3 to that empty audio track. There was a title on an upper track overlapping into this video's track for a couple of seconds and I moved it so there was nothing above the bad clip. I replaced the clip with another one and it rendered the same way. The .mp3 soundtrack audio, which played throughout the entire film, was OK in both cases. Then I deleted that and pulled down the clip again from the project bin, edited it as necessary, and it has worked fine through numerous changes and renderings.


      This has me worried. I have a lot of plans for Premiere Elements 10 and naturally don't want my work running into this sort of problem in the future. If you have any suggestions, please let me hear them.


      The effects I had on that clip included stabilizer, sharpen, and a slight rotation to level it out. And it was time-stretched by a few seconds. I'm using Windows 7 Home Premium, 64-bit.

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          nealeh Level 5

          You might have a rogue black clip on a higher video track. In the timeline check to see if it has a scroll bar at the right. If it has, scroll up to view whatever lurks there. Also zoom in so you can check more thoroughly.


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            holbrookp Level 1

            Thanks, but I checked that and there wasn't anything. It rendered OK finally and is now up on my gallery. But I'm worried that it might happen again during some other project....

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              One possible issue can happen, when one is using a GOP (Group of Pictures) format, like MPEG, and Delete an I-Frame. They are then left with ONLY the difference Frames, until the next I-Frame, which can be 15 - 18 Frames along. This ARTICLE goes into more detail. Editing GOP material can be problematic, because of their structure.


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                holbrookp Level 1

                I believe you got it right, Bill! I did have five or six pictures on the same Video 1 timeline field just prior to the clip that rendered black and a transition connecting them. I never realized that might cause a problem, so I didn't mention it in the original post. So that apparently is the cause of the problem.


                The clip that rendered black was actually the first fourth of the whole film I was editing. I had cut it from the original to capture a freeze frame to use as the background of a title coming before the clip that rendered black. The 2nd clip I rendered of the same footage also rendered black, as you know, but when I deleted the entire movie track and used the whole movie clip, the rendering was perfect. So the original black clip's length may have also had something to do with the problem.


                Thanks a lot!