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    onSetFocus and onKillFocus

    jl2000 Level 1
      Hi - I'm getting erratic behavior with this and I'm hoping someone with experience can point out what is wrong.
      I have a project that is like a "cost of home maintenance" calculating tool. There are 2 columns of 8 Input Text fields each. One column is the Costs and the other is Payments. The user fills in, for example, what the total monthly mortgage cost is, and then fills in their $$ share of that cost they pay. At the end of the list the user clicks a button that totals both columns so they can compare the total cost of maintaining the home vs the total amount that they are contributing.

      I need to alert the user whenever they might accidentally put a greater amount for their payment than for the cost of something. What I did was attached a movie clip (error_mc) if the user did this. The user can still get to the Input fields when the error_mc is present or close the error_mc with it's own close button.

      The erratic behavior (or one of them) is that if the user corrects the inputs while the error_mc is present, it may refuse to close.

      Also, sometimes, if the user closes the error_mc and simply continues to enter numbers, leaving the mistake in place, the error message will not re-appear...usually.

      What I WANT to have happen is: if one of the 8 tPay fields is greater than it's corresponding tCost, the error_mc appears and will not close (or will keep opening) until tPay is changed to be less than tCost. Once tPay is less than tCost, error_mc goes away.

      Right now it's inconsistent. Can someone please give me some hints on what might be wrong?