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    Prem. Elements 10 maximum menu markers 25


      Hi Guys


      I have just 'upgraded' from PE7 to PE10 and have just discovered yet another problem.  PE10 does allow me to burn a dvd to blu-ray so I have opened one of my PE7 videos in PE10 to burn to blu-ray.  Although the burn took 6 hours to encode, the result is good except for one problem, the PE7 video had 35 menu markers (6 main menu and 29 scene menus), however, the blu-ray disk I have burned has 2 main menu buttons missing and 8 scene menu buttons missing.  On opening the video to check for corruption I find that all main menu and scene menu markers are still present in the timeline.  So I thought I would try delete the markers that weren't appearing in the menu and inserting new markers but when I attempted this I get a pop-up telling me that I am allowed a maximum of only 25 markers (main and scene).


      This seems utterly ridiculous that a so called upgrade is in this case a downgrade.  Is there any way of increasing the maximum number of menu markers?  I have tried using different menu templates but same result, max. of 25 markers.


      best regards