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    Premiere suddenly won't start

    Seehorse Video

      I've had a very strange thing happen, I was working on a project in PPro 5.5 when suddenly Premiere became unresponsive and eventually crashed.  Ok, that's happened with PPro since version 1 in my experience so I just restarted the program.  Well, I got the loading screen, it went through it's "loading x" as it did all the stuff it normally does then suddenly the loading screen goes away and I'm at the desktop.  I try again with the same result, this time I'm monitoring the Task Manager.  Adobe Premiere Pro.exe appears in the processes, then suddenly it vanishes as the loading screen does.


      Hmm, I then tried to reboot the computer.  After the reboot I again tried to launch PPro with the exact same results.  At this point I attempted to reinstall PPro in case my install had been corrupted, this yielded no results and the same problem persisted.  I tried Encore and Media Encoder and both of them work perfectly.


      I'm about to attempt an uninstall of PPro and my MXO2 and reinstall but I'm not all that hopeful.  Has anyone seen this before?  The thing that gets me is I was working on a project before this happened.  If all else fails I guess I can format and reinstall Windows but I'd really rather avoid that extreme a step.  And of course this happens when I'm on a deadline... things never go wrong when you've plenty of time to work through problems.


      Oh, I've run a virus scan (Avira AV) and come up negative.


      A few specs on the  machine:

      Dual Xeon 3.47GHz 6 core CPU's, 12 cores total, 24 logical cores total

      Supermicro X8DTL motherboard, intel 5500 chipset

      24GB registered RAM in triple channel mode

      Win7 Pro 64 bit with all updates

      Matrox MXO2 LE capture/playback

      Nvidia GTX 580 4GB video card

      Intel LSI MegaRaid SATA raid controller

      7TB RAID 5 array on the RAID card


      Installed software consists of PPro CS 5.5 suite, Avira anti virus and Firefox web browser.  Beyond that it's a clean install