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    Installing Premiere Pro in computer lab




      This is a question about installing Premiere Pro in multiple computers. Let me know if there's a better sub-forum to post this question.


      We have a site license of Premiere Pro 5.5 and we are trying to install it in several computer labs. We installed and tested Premiere Pro 5.5 on a base computer, and then took an image of that system. Then we re-imaged our computers using that image. However, once the computers were imaged, Premiere Pro was missing some codecs, mostly the AVCHD ones.


      At first we thought it was that known issue where an update would revert the copy of Premiere Pro to a trial, but the point is that the software works well on our base computer: it's only when the image is deployed that the codecs disappear. We are speculating that, since the software was installed on one specific computer, but the image is being deployed to a different one, Premiere Pro disables the codecs as they were not activated on the target system originally.


      We are trying to avoid having to go individually to each computer and deactivate/reactivate the software, or having to install the program individually on each computer.


      If you have been successfull in deploying Premiere Pro 5.5 to multiple computers via an image, a Windows Deployment Server, or some other remote installation solution, we'd love to get some pointers.


      Thanks in advance.