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    Exporting Banners from XFL (After Effects export)




      I may have to post this in the after effects forum, but anyway, I'm having a huge problem with some banners.


      An agency produced 3 banners for my company, 300 x 250, 200 x 200, and 250 x 200. We need to get them localised in 18 languages, so 18 x 3, well... you get the picture.


      I'm mainly working in After Effects, and actually this agency produced banners using After Effects.


      The assets were as follows:


      Text images (all localised for each language) format : PNG

      Images (just 2 frames) Format : Originally PSD, i saved to PNG



      I managed to localise all banners for all languages, but then came the issue : File size,


      we require the banners to be less than 40kb in size, however exporting from After effects to SWF I get around 250kb,


      Alternatively I can export from AE to XFL (similair to FLA), then open in flash, and publish (after adding button) I get around 507kb, then after publishing from flash, I get 205kb or so.


      How can I get these down to 40kb in SWF or GIF format, high quality, for all 18 languages (without re-creating the images in vector format)?


      Please help!

      Thanks a lot!