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    Adobe Freezing during saving

    nicole.ellis Level 1

      Here is the story:


      • We created an Acroform template using Live Cycle Designer ES2 and loaded it to our system. 
      • Users go into our web-based system and add data to certain pages there. 
      • We then use iText to generate a PDF that mapstheir data into our template. 
      • Users then save this form locally, add notes to it, save it, and then email it back to us. 


      Some users are reporting that Adobe freezes when they save and they lose their notes.


      • all users have adobe reader X
      • the form is reader enabled
      • this does not happen for everyone

      We have been trying to troubleshoot in real time but are having a hard time diagnosing the issue.  Any thoughts would be helpful. 


      I am also posting this in the LiveCycle forum.





      Further clarification:


      so we don't actually generate the AcroForm from our code. The template is created (which is the form) and the fields that are created are in the template are AcroFields. So, in our code, we use iText's API to read those AcroFields so that we can put values into them. More specifically, we use the following classes to read those fields: com.itextpdf.text.pdf.AcroFields and com.itextpdf.text.pdf.PdfStamper and then during the generation, we write to these fields by calling the setField() method on the AcroFields object