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    Can't find high contrast setting


      I believe 1.8 preview 2 has a high contrast setting. I can't find it anywhere. Can anyone point me to it? I need to get white text on black.



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          Derek Leng Community Member



          You may try to switch to the Windows high contrast mode first by pressing left SHIFT, left ALT, and PRINT SCREEN keys together. For Windows XP, there is an "Accessibility" item on Control Panel which can adjust the high contrast color (from Display tab). For Windows Vista / 7, just change the Windows theme from Personalize.


          Good luck!



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            BJ-012345 Community Member

            Hi Derek,


            I already have Windows XP configured to give white text on black. ADE sets it's own colours and doesn't honour the OS settings. But 1.8 claims to have a High Contrast setting which can be toggled by a keyboard command. But the keyboard command is not included in the list of keyboard commands in the User Guide. I've tried guessing it but without success.


            Thanks for the reply though.

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              Derek Leng Community Member

              Have you tried to enable high contrast mode as what I mentioned above? "High contrast mode" for Windows is a "flag", which cannot be enabled by a certain color combination. You may switch to enable it first and then choose the color theme like white text on black.


              BTW, I can get correct color from 1.8 on my Windows XP. I'm sure you can get it as well, following the way above.

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                Matt Lewandowsky

                I am not seeing an explicit option in Preview 3 to enable a "high-contrast" reading mode. Some of us desire to read text for an extended period on a dark ground out of preference, not absolute necessity, and forcing all of those who have the desire to use high-contrast for reading EPUB to do so across all of Windows is as poor of an accessibility choice (choices have implications both ways, and it's short-sighted to ignore either those who need accessibility or those who don't as their needs often overlap) as not supporting it at all.

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                  Derek Leng Community Member

                  Hi Matt Lewandownsky,


                  My understanding is to provide a feature that support night reading mode. Is that true? If yes, I'll forward this request to the product team. Thanks for the request.


                  Thanks and regards,


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                    Matt Lewandowsky Community Member

                    If you want to call it a "night reading mode", sure.


                    Basically, all I'd be requesting is "Provide high-contrast mode via menu toggle as well as Windows UI hints." This would ideally create the side-effect that it could be disabled by those who normally use high-contrast mode for their apps, but may actually prefer to not use ADE in high-contrast mode.


                    This is one of those cases where defaults are unlikely to suit everyone and a toggleable would be useful. (On by default if the OS is configured for "high contrast" and off otherwise.)