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    Adding a new Epson scanner to Photoshop CS5.1 on LION computer


      We just recently (today, in fact) installed a new Epon flatbed scanner on an iMac running MAC OS 10.7.2.  It already had Adobe Photoshop CS5.1 on it.  It seems that no matter what we do, when we click on File on go to Import, the scanner option is not there.  I am not an experienced Photoshop user (or an experienced Mac person), I am going by what the end user tells me should be there and how its supposed to work.  She needs to be able to scan from the new scanner in Photoshop.  Is there documentation somewhere that tells us how to get Photoshop to "see" the scanner. 

      The computer is a brand new (a month old) iMac that came with LION.  We had to replace to replace the old scanner becsause it was not supported in LION (supposedly the one we just bought is).