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    how to make AdvancedDataGridColumn header to be invisible?




      I have a requirement to group a bunch of columns under a common header but don't want to show the headers for the child columns in the group.


      The code snippet is below


      <mx:AdvancedDataGrid >

      <mx:AdvancedDataGridColumnGroup headerText="Heatmap Thresholds" width="480" sortable="false"  >

            <mx:AdvancedDataGridColumn editable="false"  dataField="Threshold1" headerText="" sortable="false" />

            <mx:AdvancedDataGridColumn editable="false"  dataField="Threshold2" headerText="" sortable="false" />

            <mx:AdvancedDataGridColumn editable="false"  dataField="Threshold3" headerText="" sortable="false" />


      <mx:AdvancedDataGrid >


      If I run this code I get three sub headers for Threshold1, Threshold2 and Threshold3 without any text but at the end I still see 3 blank headers which I don't want to show.


      So I tried to apply a headerHeight style to each of these childcolumns but it didnt work.


      Then I even tried adding an AdvancedDataGridHeaderRenderer and setting the height property to 0, 0%, -1 and all other combinations but the subheaders were still visible.


      <mx:AdvancedDataGridColumn editable="false"  dataField="Threshold1" headerText="" sortable="false">



         <mx:AdvancedDataGridHeaderRenderer  height="0%"/>



      </mx:AdvancedDataGridColumn >



      Can someone advise how to hide the headers for the child columns in ColumnGroup mentioned above?


      Ravisekhar Kopparthi