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    Cannot connect to Indesign Server process

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      We have Indesign Server CS 5.5 (with all patches installed) running inside a Virtual Machine. Our application (c#) also runs in a virtual machine with full admin priv.


      Only 1 instance of Indesign Server is configured (using the MMC snap in) and uses the configuration name test (-configuration test) set in the command line arguments.


      InDesignServer.exe is started by the service InDesignServerService.


      The problem is that the service starts InDesignServer.exe with an unknown configuration name....so our application cannot connect to it. It should be using the configuration name set using the MMC snap in (-configuration test in this case). I also tried specifying the configuration name in the service startup parameters (using services.msc)...that did not work either. \


      IndesignServerService DOES create the configuration name folder in C:\ProgramData\Adobe\InDesign Server\Version 7.5\en_US\ but it just doesn't register the configuration name in the Running Objects Table so our application cannot use it.


      If we manually started InDesignServer.exe from command line using: InDesignServer.exe -configuration test, our application can connect to it. If we start it manually using command line, the configuration name is registered in the Running Objects Table.


      How can we fix this so the service starts InDesignServer.exe and registers the configuration name in the running objects table?


      The code we use to connect to the InDesignServer is the same one in the adobe documentation:

      string instanceName = "configuration_noport";

      dynamic app = (System.Runtime.InteropServices.Marshal.BindToMoniker(instanceName));


      It only works if we start it manually from command line....it does not work if we let the service start it.