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    TOC problem when "export to Kindle" from CS5.5.  Help appreciated!


      1. I created a mobi file by "Exporting for Kindle" from CS5.5.  I've tried doing it two ways, each with a problem in relation to the TOC:



      2. When I export, in the general export menu, I check "Include InDesign TOC". But then I end up with two TOCs at the beginning of the Mobi file.  One is the page I actually have in the file as a TOC -- nicely formatted, etc.   Before that, it has inserted the Navigational TOC (with words formatted the same as in the book, which in this case, looks awful.)


      3. When I export without clicking that, it looks great.  Only one TOC (the one that was in my CD5.5 file all nicely formatted and working properly.) The problem is there is no Navigational TOC. So in the Kindle, when I press "Menu: Go To" there is nothing for Table of Contents.



      4. When I open other books on my Kindle, and press "Menu:Go To" it takes me to their nicely designed TOC at the beginning.



      I would greatly appreciate your help!