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    Gateway Branch is not processing


      I have a long-lived process that has a gateway with two branches, each calling a seperate long-lived process. In both called long-lived processes, there is an Assign Task activity which renders a PDF form in a ToDo list in Workspace.  Both processes work when call individually.  The process with the gateway was created a couple months ago and has been working since creation, but suddenly yesterday the gateway no longer works.  Only one of the branches will run.  I am getting no error messages.  If I record the process and play it back, it looks like it does both branches, but only one of my Assign Tasks will show up in my ToDo list.  I have checked AdminUI and both activities are in a RUNNING state.  I also had someone restart the server.  Nothing is helping and I don't understand what went wrong and why it is no longer working.


      Looking for advice on how to either find and/or fix the problem.