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    Can I get my money back please


      I have allready waisted over 10 hours on that software and the person at the store say that "Sofware can't be return" if the box is open


      200$ is a lot of money for me so please Mr Adobe can you fix it or give me my money back, Already try the software on my PC and my MAC and it's the same result


      Pinnacle work Perfect


      IMovie Work Perfect


      CyberLink Power Director 10 (Trial) Work Perfect 



      I Bought your software thinking that Adobe Premiere was the BEST in is class  but this one just don't work .... please read my other post






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          Robert J. Johnston Level 3

          Instead of saying "just don't work" you should say "just doesn't work."

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            Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

            And contact Adobe -- by clicking the Contact Adobe button at the bottom of any page on this web site.


            This is a forum. Nobody from Adobe works here. No point in posting here -- let alone posting twice.


            Also, Adobe stopped making Adobe Premiere in 2003.

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              287926171497 Level 1

              WOW Robert 660 Posts and that all you can add to my post for help .... Thanks

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                Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                And you're welcome.

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                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                  Adobe offers a "no questions asked - 30-day, money back" guarentee. Just return the software, and Adobe will refund your money, within the 30 day time period.


                  As Steve mentions, this must be done through Adobe, and we cannot help, other than mentioning the Contact Adobe link, as Steve did.


                  Now, if you are within the 30 days time period, and wish to dig more deeply into PrElements working, we will be glad to help - just do not let that 30 days run out.


                  This ARTICLE goes into more detail on what would be so very useful in helping solve issues.


                  OTOH, if you have found other software, that works fine, I would stick with that, and then just return PrE for a full refund.


                  Good luck,



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                    287926171497 Level 1

                    Hello Steve



                    1-  I don't work at Adobe so I didn't know that the site was not hone or monitored by Adobe ... sorry


                    2- If you look back at my post at no point I'm been aggressive or in polite event after waisting about 15H on a software that from what the salesman said, was easy as pie and then just got told by the same salesman that there was no refund on software.


                    3- I never said bad comment on the software it self or the Adobe Cie, on the contrary I choose Premiere because it was from Adobe and I trust that Cie.


                    4- I don't really care that they stop making adobe Premiere in 2003 ... they start using intel cpu in mac computer in 2003 ... do you care ?    I bought a software called ADOBE PREMIERE Elements 10 so again ... sorry


                    5- I could have probably kept going in the same post and I do apologize about that but at the end of your last post you basically told me ... " Good luck you are on your hone" so basically the new post was more like a Hail Mary to try to get my money back, I heaven said PLEASE.


                    6- I did finally called Adobe "INDIA" or "Canada" not sure but the tech was really funny and nice but I could not understand half the word he said, he did made me realize that I was running my audio at 44KHz and that trunked version of adobe premiere element only let you import audio at 48KHz

                    and that you can't make your hone Template so  switch all my DAW to 48KHz and now I have been copying stuff from old DV tape , next i'm going back on my HD Cam.



                    P.S. One of the only thing I could understand from my friend in India is that the RED line on top of the timeline is only there to tell you that the video as not been Render yet nothing to do with the format import ... good thing to put in your next Tutorial



                    Anyway Thanks for all your help have a nice night

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                      the_wine_snob Level 9

                      That salesman got one thing close to "correct," in that most users do find PrE to be easy to use. However, I think that it would be easier for the first time video editor, if Adobe also included Steve's PrE book, especially to introduce the new user to how to set up a New Project, and also how to Import, or Capture video. Steve covers that aspect very well, plus one heck of a lot more useful info. He has also done a Basic Training Series, that is very, very useful for getting started. For more learning resources, this ARTICLE gives a partial list.


                      Now, the salesman was probably stating his store's policy on software, and may not have been aware of Adobe's 30-day guarantee policy.


                      As for the "red line," this ARTICLE goes into more detail.


                      Good luck,



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                        287926171497 Level 1



                        Just a little update, After switching to 48KHz audio I hade no problem at ALL working with DV, The Editing interface work like a charm so i did about 5 DV tapes and 1 DVD mix down, I still don't have my HD Cam with me at the moment but I will work with it this weekend.

                        BIG thanhs to everybody for the help specialy my friend at ADOBE


                        Have a Great Day