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    Gradient dilemma

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      I need help with color selecting and it's relation to gradient fills. I will only ask 2 questions here, for now.

      I'm in a document that has numerous Rectangle frames in the background. I'm in the middle of designing a brochure. I'm not set on colors I've used but in each background Rectangle, I used a simple gradient fill. It comprises 1 color fading to white. By the time I reached the 27th page, I decided to change a color (in a simple gradient) back to a grey (in a gradient) I used on page 1. But, I have a long list of warm and cool greys and can not, for the life of me, figure out which grey I originally used. When I highlight the original rectangle and go to the gradient function, it shows the grey and the white tab levers. But, unlike Photoshop, when I double click on the tab, no info on  which pantone color I used, is revealed. In Photoshop, you simply double click on the lever/tab and the Pantone, in the long list of colors, is highlighted.


      1. How do I determine, more easily than going through all the greys, which grey I originally used in the gradient on Page 1? (or any page or color)


      2. How can I simply make a new rectangle and drop, inside it, a gradient I already have on another page?