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    Particular Elements 9 dvd theme seems corrupted, crashes burning to disc


      Hi there,


      I'm having trouble getting a video I've spent the past month putting together on a DVD.


      When I click burn to dvd it's encodes the media, menus, etc but when it gets to burning disc it just hangs on 5%.


      At first I thought it must me the files that make up my video so the first thing I tried was to export it as an AVI and import that in to a new Premiere file. I then proceeded to add the theme and burn to disc. Same thing.


      I then tried just burning the movie, no theme. It worked fine. I have since tried other themes and they work fine. This is on my Laptop (i5 2.3ghz, 4gb ram, 500gb hdd, Windows 7 64bit).


      I thought I'd give it a go on my PC (amd 6 core processor, 4 gb ram, 500gb hdd, Windows 7 64 bit) so I installed Elements, created a new scene and added a random video and the particular theme I want to use.

      Same thing, burning process crashes at 5%.


      Now, I know it may sound silly but the reason I upgraded to Prem 9 was because this particular theme worked great with what I was making.


      I'd really like to get this sorted. The theme is News Reel in Movie Genre. If it's impossible for this to work, how should I go about this with Adobe? Can I make my own themes for Elements?



      Many thanks in advance for any help