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    Flash Builder for PHP


      Just got this and am having troubles getting it work the way I would like.


      I'm on a Mac and before I had used Mamp Pro to configure and run Apache and MySql.


      I had Virtual Home directories set up for each project in Dream Weaver.


      Essentially the project would run from the files local site path. No need to publish to test server.


      So now I have Mamp Pro disables and have installed Zend Community Edition Server.


      I did New PHP project in FB and selected Create Project from Existing Location (from existing source).


      I then wanted to test the debuging so I loaded up a php file and ran the debugger on it as a script, worked fine.


      So now I want to run something in a browser to test that debugging and got the error: Note that no files will be published to the server. I then get the Error 404 Not Found.


      So basically I don't want to be forced to publish the site to a specific directory as it has thousands of files. I just want to run it from the location where Dreamweaver opens the files from.


      I have looked through the Zend site and can't seem to find anything that explaines it. Since these are both Adobe Products I thought this might be my best bet.


      Surely this can be done?


      Anybody have any ideas?