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    AE & AME Export to Quicktime --- Very strange Issue

    AtonMusic Level 2



      Got some footage in from a 5DMKII -

      Imported it inot AE and did some trimming and stabilizing.


      Then exported to ProRes 4444


      Then imported that PR4444 into FCPx -- which never has any problems playing back that codex natively.


      Only when I added it to the timeline of FCPx I noticed that it was stuttering. Badly.

      I rebooted the Mac but no change.


      Then I did a lot of trouble shooting inkl.


      I converted the exact same clip (from the 5D) to ProRes only this time with Compressor

      Imported that into the FCPx timeline. No stuttering.


      Then I did this


      Imported the clip to AE again only this time without ANY adjustments. Just a clean PR4444 export.

      Then imported into FCPx === Stutter


      I tried opening the 5D files with Quicktime 7 and export to PR4444 = No Stutter in FCPx


      I tried with AME = Stutter



      Funny thing is... If I open the adobe created ProRes 4444 files in QuickTime X or QuickTIme 7 = NO STUTTER

      In FCPx = total stutter and impossible to cut with....



      Does anyone have ANY ideas why the adobe created ProRes files arent able to playback correctly inside FCPX (and potentially other Apps)