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    Adobe Flashplayer didn't download right on my Mac computer


      From Anna,


      To Whom It May Concern, For some reason the last couple of Adobe Flashplayer's for my Mac computer didn't download right for some reason.  The first 2 that didn't download right didn't seem to bother anything on my computer but the lastest one has messed up a couple of games on my Facebook page and youtube videos won't work on my Facebook page now.  I got some kind of message that the Adobe Flashplayer had gone as far as it could on my compuer.  What do I do now?  I want things to work right on my computer.  I know pretty much nothing about things like this so I need step by step help.


      My Mac Info:


      MAC OS X

      Verision 10.4.11

      Processor 1.5 GHZ Power PC G4

      Memory 1GB DDR SDRAM