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    SpinnerList Selecting Item

    Don Kerr Level 3

      How do you programmatically select an item in a SpinnerList?


      Setting selectedIndex is not working for me.



      <s:ArrayCollection id="typesDP">

                                    <fx:Object l="map" v="map"/>

                                    <fx:Object l="photos" v="photos"/>

                                    <fx:Object l="pdf" v="pdf"/>

                                    <fx:Object l="video" v="video"/>





      <s:SpinnerListContainer  width="200"    >

                                                                            <s:SpinnerList id="type"  dataProvider="{typesDP}" wrapElements="true" labelField="l" change="type_changeHandler(event)" width="100%" height="100%"/>



      set selectedindex doesn't work


      for (var i:Number = 0; i < typesDP.length; i++)


                                                                            if(typesDP[i].v == data.type){

                                                                                      type.selectedIndex = i;





      It actually sets the index in variables debug view, but doesn't move the list to it.


      Any ideas?