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    hours & hours of " failed to initialize" after many steps


      I have windows xp/ 32 bit/ internet explorer 9 I have tried many things to install the latest adobe( 11) and always get "failed to initialize. I have been at this for 8 hours and heres some of the steps I have tried


      disabling antivirus & firewall

      lowered security settings to medium and low including under trusted sites and internet

      used the uninstall link, rebooted, tried reinstalling

      saved to desktop then enabled or added through the DEF, rebooted to save DEF changes, tried to install

      made sure clock was updated/synced with internet

      made sure updates are up to date

      rebooted rebooted rebooted in between all above steps

      gone through all the steps of troubleshooting through adobe website troubleshooting

      looked in manage add on. there was no flash player or shock player  in the list

      searched in all my files for any hidden adobe files

      looked in the add/remove hardware for any thing that might be old adobe flash player.nothing was there used the uninstall link anyway

      made sure all of the " enable active x boxes were all checked in the security settings

      I tried saving to a disc, it wouldnt let me.. idk why but my computer would shut down every time i treid this ( to the blue page warning)


      I really have been at this for days and HOURs.. I truly am at a loss