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    A document isn't locked after signing in JavaScript.

    Konstantin Goncharenko



      How can I lock document after signing in JavaScript like "Lock Document After Signing" checkbox does it in GUI? Adobe Acrobat 9.4.1.


      setLock function is insufficient to documet restriction.


      var f = this.addField('TestSig', 'signature', 0, [0, 0, 0, 0]);

      var sec = security.getHandler('Adobe.PPKLite');

      var cert = e.digitalIDs.certs[0];


      var s = { reason: 'myReason', location: 'myLocation', contactInfo: 'myContact' };

      f.setLock({action: 'All'});

      f.signatureSign({oSig: sec,  oInfo: s, bUI: false});


      Signatures navigation panel displays "Document Locked by TestSig". But "Commenting", "Filling of form fields" and "Signing" fields in Document Properties - Security - Document Restrictions Summary stay Allowed.