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    How to deal with Prores video in Premiere? ---Help!!!

    Fred Guo

      Hi All,


      I got the MOV source file from my customer that is ecoded in Prores 422. I think the source is edited in FCP and the quality is quite good because it is 2.5G only for two minutes video.

      But I have problem with exporting the Quicktime video with Prores 422 codec. I search all the related content in internet but could not find the correct answer. I could not select the Prores codec when exporting. And I also installed the FCP in my MAC and also tried to download the latest Prores codec for MAC but it is not available either. How can enable the prores codec when exporting?  BTW, I am using the trial version for Premiere CS5.5 and FCP. I hope it is not related to the trial version.


      I also tried another workarounds:

      1. import the mov file

      2. add subtitle and exporting with Animation/None codec

      I know the output will be huge(more than 10G) because it is uncompressive. But it seems the output playing fps is unstable so that the movie sucks at some time and it is obviously unacceptable.

      But when I change the codec to Apple intermedia and the output is not bad. But the file size is only 700M.


      Any one could suggest a work folw for HD mov to high quality quick time output? My understanding is to use the sam codec as the source, correct?

      Appreciate any help.