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    Scaling Embedded Bitmaps in Illustrator files.

    tristansummers Level 1


      At the moment, if I am supplied AI files with embedded Bitmaps (or linked) I have to find the source file, rebuild the image and parent to the rest of the artwork if I want to scale it up.


      I can't just scale up in Illustrator as that makes things too big for AE to work with.





      I was wondering if there was a way to access Illustrator's scaling from within AE.


      For instance, within a 1024x576 image there is a small bitmapped photo.

      In Illustrator, the original bitmap has been scaled to 12%

      Say I want to zoom in on that part of the image


      If I scale the whole image up in AI it references the original bitmap, so I can scale it back up to 100%


      But if it is in AE at 1024x576 I cannot.


      Continuous rasterisation treats the whole things as original sized vector.


      I can't just make a big AI file as I would now have a 10240x5760 px AI file which would give me out of memory errors,

      (because AE still won't only render what is in the window but has to do the whole layer. Is anyone from Nothing Real now at Adobe?)


      Maybe certain PDFs would work?


      Am basically trying to work out a better workflow

      designers will always use bitmaps (and bitmap effects!) in AI and think I can zoom into them.


      Even at 100% weird flickering errors occur with bitmaps in AI files so I usually have to reuse and parent anyway.