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    About Buying Flash




      I am considering buying Flash and PhotoShop. I believe Flash and PS latest versions are $700 each. But I guess buying one of those packages (eg. Production Premium) around $1800 is much more logical which include many more programs. They are expensive to me at the moment but I'll collect money.


      1 - I heard there are student discounts but I am no student so I was wondering if there are other types of discounts. I want those to install at home and going to sell content I personally create, not in a company if that matters. What would be the cheapest way to get those programs?


      2 - What if I buy Flash soon and leave others for later. If I buy a package later, will I have 2 Flash licenses or will it help me have a discount on the package's price?


      3 - How Download purchases work? Do we get serials for each program and are they somehow shown in our account here?


      4 - How do shipments work? I am in Turkey and could the discs be sent here? How much the shipment costs are around and how long would it take roughly to arrive?