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    double page view issue




      although it looks like a minor issue I wasn't able to resolve it and therefore request your help.


      When viewing a multi page document (e.g. scanned book or brochure) in double page view mode (2 pages on the screen located besides each other), Adobe Reader shows the first and second page at once, then the third and fourth and so on. Referring to a printed document, it should be instead: page 1, page 2 + 3, page 4 + 5 and so on, since page 1 is the cover and the first double page to view is 2+3 when you open the book. How can this be achieved? I did not find an option to toggle this behavior.


      Oddly enough, Acrobat 7 does exactly what I want: Show page 1 on the right side, continue with 2+3, 4+5 and so on, finishing with the last page on the left side. Haw can this be different from Adobe Reader?


      If yopu have an idea how to manage Acrobat Reader to do the exact same thing, I'd be glad to hear about it.


      Thanks for your help,


      Lutz Benke, Germany

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          try67 MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Under the View menu, Page Display - tick the box that says Show Cover Page During Two-Up

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            In Acrobat X Pro, I encounter the same problem. With no document opened, the preferred way to display is set to 'facing pages with cover', but every document opened for the first time, shows two first pages at once, even pages at the right. How do I get rid of the wrong preferences?


            NB. I did not have this problem in earler versions of Acrobat. And some of my collegues (with same configurations and CS5) do not have this problem even: with them the preferred option (given in with no document opened) is executed when opening a document.