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    16 Gb vs. 8 Gb of RAM for CS5.5, Lightroom 3 on the Mac?




      I've ordered a Macbook Pro 15-inch with a 2.2GHz quad-core Intel Core i7 processor. I'm going to be using it, most importantly, to run the CS5.5 Master collection (though I probably won't be using Premier much for now) -- as well as Lightroom 3, in which I'm a total newbie.


      My question is: should I bite the bullet and get 16 Gb of RAM right away? Or would that be just a waste of money, 8 Gb being sufficient for my purposes? That is, how much of a difference would the RAM doubling make? I generally work with moderate-sized images (< 200 Mb). I do like to keep several big apps open (e.g. Bridge, Photoshop, and InDesign).


      The 16 Gb vs. 8 Gb price difference is, of course, huge (something like 350 euros vs. 50 euros). Money's kind of tight (I got the Adobe student discount for the software), and I feel I really should be saving up for a better camera.