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    Best method of 'Importing" a HD movie?

    Ted Smith Level 3

      There seem to be various suggestions as to the best way of transferring AVCHD video files from camera to PE9


      I connect my Sony camera via USB2 to the computer and it looks exactly like another hard drive in Windows Explorer.

      The camera files all have MTS extensions. They are 1920x1080i AVCHD files according to Sony and even play in WMA direct from the camera.


      I then simply copy them to a hard drive folder using Window Explorer. I dont use any special import program.


      To use them in PE9, I "Get Media from files" in the Hard Disk in the usual way.


      I notice when getting them, PE9 does a little Comforming routine for a few seconds on each file clip. Is it changing them in any way? No red lines show.


      They all preview and edit OK


      Is this the best way and have I really imported best quality AVCHD files or are they now something else?


      When I used the Sony downloading program they ended up m2ts extensions instead of mts but they look the same to me.

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          It's best to use the Video Importer in Premiere Elements, which simultaneously downloads the video and adds it to your project.


          But you can also use your method.


          The chief advantage to using the Premiere Elements method is that, at least when you first use the program, it can install some much-needed components for working with this kind of video, if you need them.

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            When AV files are Imported into PrE, they are Conformed, creating CFA files (for Audio) for editing, PEK files for Waveform Display, and with MPEG files, they are also Indexed. This process is necessary, and is explained in this ARTICLE. One should let the Conforming complete 100%, before using those files, or there can be truncation with the CFA and PEK files, resulting in only partial Audio. On weaker systems, if one does anything, during this process, it can crash the system, or PrE. I just Import, and sit back with a cup of coffee, until everything is complete. In most cases, this takes but just a moment.


            Good luck,



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              Nash_John Level 3

              As Bill told about the files created by conforming process and mentioned his very informative article about conforming, you should understand that the main purpose of creating these files by conforming is to let user play & mix audio in realtime.

              This process does not change your source footage in any way.