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    Table footers


      I have a problem with tables. I have cells styles set up for Header, Body and Footer (based on para styles). And these are wrapped up in a Table style (where the Heeader cell style maps tp header, Footer to Footer, etc). When I bring in plain text to make a table, I first select the whole text and apply a clean (alt shift click) para style for the body text to it. I then convert it into a table using the table style. Selecting the first row, I choose conevert row to header and it applies the cell style I have set up for the header. Choosing the last row and convert row to footer, it converts the row into a footer  but, unlike the header, it doesn't take on the cell attributes defined for the footer. If I then use cell styles to apply the Footer style it is fine, but if I then (as a test) convert the footer back into table body, it keeps the footer style and doesn't take on the body cell attributes. Anyone got any ideas why this isn't working?