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    How to turn off the Automatic link update in InDesign CS5.5?


      We have a problem with the Automatic link update in InDesign CS5.5 vers. 7.6


      We want to see which images have been updated / modified (ie, marked with the yellow triangle in the links panel).
      We want to be able to update the links manually.


      Q1: Although we deselect the "Check Links Before Opening Document" and "Find Missing Links Before Opening Document"
      under Preferences > File Handling the links get automatically updated even though we choose "Do not Update Links"
      when we open the document.

      Is it a bug, or is there another option to deselect the automatic update of links?


      Q2: When we open old documents made in CS4, we get this error message (see the attached jpeg).

      We believe it is because the links are missing in the CS4 document.
      Just as many missing links in the document, as many times the error message is presented.
      It's a loop that we can't pass.


      Could these two problems be related?