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    Harm, looking for a quick answer on a RAID question...

    davidbeisner2010 Level 3

      I bought a G-Speed ES drive with the G-Tech RAID card, set up the drive yesterday, initialized it (took 9 hours!) as a RAID-5, and in the initiallization settings window I was asked what sector size I wanted. I did some quick research and found that bigger sectors are better with bigger files, so choose the maximum size available to me under the hardware RAID, which was 4k (I'm assuming that's 4096). Came into the office this morning and found the drive had finished the initilization and that Windows required me to create a "simple volume" on it before it could be used. I'm in the process of doing that, and have found that Windows is asking me to set a sector size again: This time my maximum option is 64k. Do I want to go with the maximum option of 64k, or do I have to use the 4096 which the hardware RAID used in initializing the array?