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    Help - Multiple native extensions do not work


      Dear Adobe Air developer community and Adobe employees,


      My game dev. studio www.GoldSunGames.com is nearing completion on our biggest title developed with Adobe Air for iOS. During development we've hit countless  technical bumps in the road including issues with low memory, low performance and many others I can happily say have now been solved in big part to the help we've received from the Adobe Flash/Air community. Thanks!


      I am now reaching out to the community and any Adobe employees reading this to solve our last remaining major issue/bug with Adobe Air which is holding us back from releasing our title.


      Multiple native extensions do not work


      We can get any one single native extension to work including Game Center (with the help of MilkManGames). But multiple extensions together simply do not work. We are required by our publisher to have other iOS features included which require the use of multiple native extensions.


      A detailed break down of the programming process we are using can be found here:



      Any and all help is greatly appreciated. Free copy of the game in question "Megaplex Madness 2" to the problem solver or solvers.