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    Dvd Menu Adobe Premiere Elements 10 for Mac with bad resolution


      Hi, I use a MacBookPro with Mac OS X 10.6.8 - Intel Core i5 2,4 GH - RAM 4 GB.

      I just purchased PRE 10 version hoping to solve a problem I had with version 9 for Mac but not with a version 7 for Win.



      My problem is that when I burn the dvd with the final work in PAL system, the menu of the DVD has the text very blurred at a very bad resolution.


      I searched this forum and I didn't found a similar problem for Mac user.


      I had the same problem with PRE 9.


      Same problem if I insert a logo in the corner of the video. Very bad resolution image in the final dvd.

      I tried to change the beginning resolution of the image from very low to very high and the result was the same.


      Someone has similar problems? Someone did find a way to solve it?

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Welcome to the forum.


          What is the Project Preset chosen, and what are the specs. of the Source Footage? These two should match 100% for best results.


          Also, if you are starting with HD, and then down-rezzing to SD for DVD, that down-rezzing will can cause readibility issues, as SD is 1/4 the resolution of HD.


          If you are working with SD material in a DV Project Preset, then there should not be any issue with the Menu Sets being blurry, so long as an SD Menu Set is chosen.


          Good luck, and please let us know a bit more,



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            paolorove Level 1

            Dear Bill, many thanks for your answer.


            This is the Project Preset chosen.

            As the source is a JVC Everio with hard disk, I chose PAL - Hard Disk - Widescreen 48 KHz



            The source is as I said a JVC Everio in SD size. I saved the files in a backup Hard Disk. They are .mod files.


            I don't know how to see if a Menu Sets is HD or SD. I tried almost all the available Menu Sets always with the same blurry results.


            These images explain better than words.

            Note that the firt image in the DVD Menu is perfect, not blurry. And this add a little bit of mystery :-)




            this is the scene selection that has text blurry




            And this is the logo I put in the right bottom side of the video. It is blurry. I put a high resolution image and it was blurry. Then I tried with an image .png with the same width of the video (720 pixels) and this is the same blurry effect:




            The solution I use in these days to have goog results is very time expensive.


            I make the editing work in my mac, without logo and menu. I make a dvd. Then I import the VIDEO_TS folder in my old pc, with my old version of Adobe Premiere 7.0. I insert the logo, I make the menu and then I make a dvd with my old PC and the resolution is the one I want.


            Obviolusly I'd like to do all the work in my Mac...



            The same problems and solution I used also with PRE 9.0


            By the way, I'm using Adobe Premiere Elements in my Mac instead  iMovie because I need to do videos longer than 2 hours. And iMovie has this limit.


            Many thanks in advance for help. There is someone that is using Mac and PRE 10 with GOOD results?