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    Project setup for a mobile and desktop application including native extensions (ANE)?


      I'm using Flash Builder 4.6 and I want to develop an application that is deployed to mobile and desktop devices. Therefore I tried a setup with three projects; one desktop project for Windows and Mac OSX, one mobile project for iOS and Android and also one library project for shared resources. The library project is used in the mobile and desktop project. Afterwards I placed all stuff like AS classes and UI components in the library project and instanciate them in the devices project. This works so far. (As consensus decision-making I used Flex components that are available vor mobile and desktop.)


      But If I want to use native extensions (ANE) like a DLL for Windows or a gyroscop for mobile devices, then I can't add the ANE to the library project. I have to add the ANE file separately to each device project and build a separate UI components. Is this the way it's intend to use ANE files? Is there an even simpler approach?


      Or is there a completly different way, e.g. setup just one common project (instead of three) and use different skins for mobile and desktop?


      Your answer is appreciated. (Including links to documentation and tutorials.)