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    3138 SQL error opening sqlite db file from Outlook 2010 as attachment


      Has anyone of you tried sending the sqlite db file thru e-mail and then open the file from Outlook 2010?

      I have an air app that can be opened by doubleclicking the sqlite database file (invoke event). The file is sent via e-mail from the app itself, so another user can run the app directly from their e-mail client once he receives the db. Now everything works fine unless you use Outlook 2010 - when I open it I get an sql error 3138 - do you know what can be the problem? Everything is fine when I'm using different e-mail client (the same e-mail account, just other client) like Outlook 2003 or Thunderbird or Opera. I'm guessing Outlook 2010 is using some kind of protection to attachments that is making the file not understandable by the app, but Microsoft seems to ignore my e-mails sent to them with the same question. The db file is not encrypted if that changes anything and saving the file from outlook to desktop and then running does not help. When I do the same using Outlook 2003 everything works as it should, but unfortunatelly my customer upgraded to 2010 :/ Any ideas would be much appreciated.