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    ePub export settings ignored

    Kevin Atkins

      I have an issue exporting an ePub from a Book (.indb) file, where whatever I choose in the export settings panes, my choices are ignored.


      The book consists of twelve .indd files, each of which have been converted from a previous InDesign version. I noticed that the export settings dialog 'forgets' my choices, too, so whenever I tweak and re-export, I have to enter everything in again. I've remade the book file, repaired permission (I'm on Mac), etc, but the issue persists. I've created other ePubs, and they've exported fine, but this one just wont work.


      My Articles panel contains only the stories I wish to export, and all images are anchored within the text. Amongst the issues with layout not being as I selected, the export includes .png files that are not included in the Articles pane, too, which is swelling the size of the ePub


      I did find a thread on InDesignSecrets.com from someone with the same issue, but their's was caused by an ampersand in the publisher's name included in the metadata. I have no such character (or other non-XML character) that I can find.


      Has anyone else had the same issue, or does anyone know of a fix?